Why join?

Membership for PhilSoc costs £8 for the academic year, and £5 during Freshers’ Week. You can join by logging into EUSA and buying a membership here, or you can join at any of our events in person. Once a membership is purchased, our weekly events are free.

PhilSoc runs three regular events every week, as well as Academic Support sessions and copious social events which are listed on our events page.

We have our own society library in the Dugald Stewart Building with a hefty collection of philosophy related books and journals available to our members. Every Thursday, we run Academic Support sessions for students in philosophy covering coursework, essay writing, exam preparation, and general student concerns. Especially keen students are encouraged to submit articles to our forthcoming Undergraduate Journal which will be published each year.

Our lecture series has attracted, and continues to attract the best and brightest philosophers of our day. Notable past speakers include Simon Blackburn, Daniel Dennett, Sanford Goldberg, David Cooper, Elizabeth Fricker, Richard Swinburn, Timothy Williamson, A. C. Grayling, and Ernest Sosa.

PhilSoc welcomes all levels of philosophical experience and we actively encourage students from all disciplines to come along. If you have any questions, or want to know what PhiSoc is like, pop-in to any of our regular weekly events or send us an email at euphilosophysoc@gmail.com.