About our Society

Founded in 1871, the Philosophy Society exists to promote the study of Philosophy around Edinburgh University and beyond. We are the most active student society at Edinburgh, are one of the largest philosophy societies in the UK, and are among the oldest extant university philosophy societies in Europe.

Our lecture series attracts choice scholars from all over the world. Notable past speakers include Simon Blackburn, Daniel Dennett, Sanford Goldberg, David Cooper, Elizabeth Fricker, Richard Swinburne, Timothy Williamson, and Ernest Sosa. Our reading groups, film nights, and discussion groups offer a friendly and informal context to meet new people and discuss philosophical issues. We run a variety of social events, including regular pub socials & coffee socials and Platonic Speed Dating.

In addition to our regular term time events, we maintain a society library in the Dugald Stewart Building, run academic support sessions and Proceedings student seminars, and are in the process of publishing a regular academic journal with contributions from undergraduate and postgraduate students. The society assumes no previous knowledge of the subject, and actively encourages students from wide range of academic disciplines.

As well as society events, we are actively involved in the Scotland and North East England Philosophy Association.

Membership is usually £8 per year (substantially reduced for 2020/21) and includes free entry to all our normal events, as well as access to the library and internet resources. Furthermore, a reduced price of £5 is normally available throughout Welcome Week.