Past Committees

Recent Past Committees:


¬Removed from office

Committee 2021/22

Co-Presidents: Monika Zoń and Niki Cleland-Hura

Secretary: Matthew McClure* and James Ternent

Treasurer: Henrik Longva Stavdal

Department Liaison: Nathan Zou

Discussion Group Organisers: James Ternent and Toby Peterken

Journal Editor-in-Chief: Martha Gibbon

Lecture Organisers: Andrej Gregus* and Ruby Dalwood

Librarian/Historian: Joe Carstairs

Marketing Officer: Sydney Marcy

PhilPals Coordinators: Jasleen Pelia-Lutzker and Max Ekstrand

Proceedings Organiser: Angus Allan

Reading Group Organisers: Nea Ivanova and Will Penkethman-Carr

Social Secretary: Herman Fett and Nathan Zou

Welfare Officer: Amy Alexander

First Year Representative: Oscar Bryan

Postgraduate Representative: Jose Neira

Ordinary Members: Deniz Yalçın, Frej Åkerström*, George Barzilov, Joe Rosie, Sam Enright*, Lottie Allen, Alex Thorne-Wallis

Committee 2020/21

Co-Presidents: Siena Wotherspoon and Nathan Zou

Secretary: Monika Zoń

Treasurer: Matthew McClure

Department Liaison: Jose Neira

Discussion Group Organisers: Niki Cleland-Hura and Nea Ivanova

Journal Editors: Will Penkethmann-Carr and Lara Slyce

Lecture Organisers: Joe Rosie and Nathan Zou

Librarian: Kelsey Wengert

Marketing Officer: Monika Zoń

PhilPals Coordinators: Max Ekstrand and Claes Sørensen

Proceedings Organiser: Matthew McClure

Reading Group Organisers: Arian Eshtehardian and Elina Turner

Social Secretary: Henrik Stavdal and Sophie Williams

Welfare Officer: Deniz Yalçın

First Year Representative: Frej Åkerström

Postgraduate Representative: Andrew Zelny

Ordinary Members: Amy Alexander, Sam Enright, Andrej Gregus, Lorna Modeen, Mary Peterson

Committee 2019/20

Co-Presidents: Angus Forbes-Cable and Deniz Yalçın

Vice-President: Niki Cleland-Hura* and Consuella Zhao*

Secretary: Siena Wotherspoon

Treasurer: Nathan Zou

Academic Support Officers: Lochlann Atack and Niya Ivanova

Chairperson: Angus Forbes-Cable

Department Liaisons: Dave Boden, Kelsey Wengert, Siena Wotherspoon

Discussion Group Organiser: Will Penkethman-Carr

Equity and Diversity Officers: Siena Wotherspoon and Deniz Yalçın

Journal Editor: Will Penkethmann-Carr

Librarian: Kenneth Novis

Marketing Officer: Monika Zoń

Proceedings Organiser: Matthew McClure

Reading Group Organisers: Arian Eshtehardian and Elina Turner

Social Secretary: Sophie Williams

Webmaster: Shin Woo Kim

First Year Representative: Niki Cleland-Hura

Postgraduate Representative: Dave Boden

Ordinary Members: Stacey Albegova, Zac Bloxham, Josep Marti Bouis, Matthew Festus, Max Ekstrand, Joe Rosie, Rebecca Stoll, Lucy Swale

Committee 2018/19

President: Ritzy Rajaswi¬

Vice President: Rebecca Stoll

Secretary: Consuella Zhao

Treasurer: Cris García Ferrero

Academic Support Officer: Milan Ney

Chairperson: Tommy Zhang

Department Liaison: Consuella Zhao

Discussion Group Organiser: Kenneth Novis

Diversity and Equity Officers: Viktoria Matejova and Deniz Yalçın

Journal Editor: Siena Wotherspoon

Librarians: Polina Borisocheva* and Tommy Zhang

Marketing Officers: Freya Derby* and Angus Forbes-Cable

Reading Group Organisers: Milan Ney and Zoë Brunner

Social Secretary: Rebecca Stoll

Webmaster: Simon Kaufmann

First Year Representatives: Matthew Festus, Jacob Kemprud

Postgraduate Representative: Hugo Snijders

Ordinary Members: Nathan Zou, Tiberius Hong, Nicholas Battaglia

Committee 2017/18

President: Robert Campbell

Vice President: Marco Malusà

Secretary: Ritzy Rajaswi

Treasurer: Quitze Eguigure

Academic Support Officers: Josh Cox and Abi Thwaites

Chairperson: Josh Cox

Department Liaisons: Viki Matejova and Maria Pedrinha

Discussion Group Organisers: Marco Malusà

Journal Editor: Josh Cox

Librarians: Robert Campbell, Tommy Zhang and Viki Matejova

Marketing Officer: Freya Derby and Maria D’orazio

Reading Group Organisers: Robert Campbell and Ritzy Rajaswi

Social Secretary: Maria D’orazio

Webmaster: Joost Ziff

First-year Representatives: Richa Dheendsa, Cris García Ferreiro

Postgraduate Representative: Y.K. Ko

Ordinary Members:  Zoë Brunner, Ahmad Freihat, Jiahong Liu, Rebecca Stoll,

Commitee 2016/17

President: Milan Ney

Vice President and Discussion Group Organiser: Ella Svahn

Secretary: Marco Malusà

Treasure and Librarian: Tommy  Zhang

Chairperson: Adam Noach

Reading Group Organiser: Josh Cox

Academic Support Officer(s): Fausto Carcassi and Joost Ziff

Marketing Officer and Social Secretary: Viktoria Matejova

Marketing Officer and Department Liaison: Franka Böckmann

Webmaster: Vivian Uhlir

Ordinary Members: Anna Staudigl, Carl Pierer, Rishabh Malu

Commitee 2015/16

President and Discussion Group OrganiSer : Rishabh Malu

Vice-President: Adam Noach

Secretary and Department Liaison: Conor Thompson-Clarke

Treasurer: Vivian Uhlir

Chairperson and Librarian: Carl Pierer

Reading Group Organizer: Laura Altinsoy

Academic Support Officer and Librarian: Andrea Blomqvist

Social Secretary: Eilidh Bard

Webmaster and Marketing Officer: Jess Smith

Ordinary Member: Leo Lobski

Ordinary Member: Maëlle Havelange

Ordinary Member: James Puchowski

Postgraduate Representative: Richard Fitzpatrick

Commitee 2014/15

President and Reading Group Organizer: Carl Pierer

Vice-President and Secretary: Vivian Uhlir

Vice-President, Social Secretary, and Webmaster: Hans Christian Gregersen

Secretary and Publicity Officer: Nadia Napier

Treasurer, Discussion Group Organizer, and Academic Support Officer: Jamie Sutherland

Chairperson: Emile Yusupoff

Department Liaison and Publicity Officer: Anna Staudigl

Librarian: Andrea Blomqvist

Ordinary Member and Librarian: James Puchowski

Ordinary Member: Odi Shonga

Ordinary Member: Luke Macy

Ordinary Member: Jessica Smith

Postgraduate Representative: Richard Fitzpatrick

First Year Representative: Adam Noach

First Year Representative: Laura Altinsoy

Committee 2013/14

President: Odi Shonga

Vice-President: Andrea Blomqvist

Secretary: Elly Leggatt

Treasurer: Jamie Sutherland

Discussion Group Organisers: Anna Baker & Carl Pierer

Reading Group Organiser: Emile Yusupoff

Academic Support Officer: Anna Baker

Chairperson & Department Liaison: Anna Baker

Webmaster: Emile Yusupoff

Publicity Officer: Nadia Napier

Social Secretary: Amy Shinzaki

Journal Editors: Anna Baker & Emile Yusupoff

First Year Representative: James Puchowski

Post-Graduate Representative: Joao Pinto

Librarian: Jamie Sutherland

Committee 2012/13

President: Emile Yusupoff

Vice-President: Shawn Witkowski

Secretary: Payton Alexander

Treasurer: Jamie Sutherland

Discussion Group Organiser: Anna Baker

Reading Group Organiser: Sam Carter

Academic Support Officer: Anna Baker

Chairperson: Sam Carter

Webmaster & Publicity Officer: Gregory Stecklemacher

Social Secretary: Amy Shinzaki

Journal Editors: Sam Carter, Chris Ranalli, Shawn Witkowski

Post-Graduate Representative: Chris Ranalli

Committee 2011/12

President: Anna Baker

Vice-President: Tymen Van Slageren

Secretary: Tymen Van Slageren

Treasurer: Zac Palmer Laporte

Discussion Group Organiser: Fiona Cuddihy

Reading Group Organiser: Shawn Witkowski

Academic Support Officer: Charlotte Coursier

Chairperson: Richard Gow

Webmaster: Andy Diack

Publicity Officer: Zac Palmer Laporte

Social Secretary: Rosanna Hall

Journal Editors: Chris Ranalli, Richard Gow

Committee 2010/11

President: Sam Carter

Secretary: Tymen Van Slageren

Treasurer: Zac Palmer Laporte

Discussion Group Organiser: Mark McGuire

Reading Group Organiser: Chris Ranalli

Chairperson: Richard Gow

Webmaster: Andy Diack

Publicity Officer: Rosanna Hall

Social Secetary: Alice Leeson

Journal Editors: Richard Gow, Chris Ranalli