Meet the Team

Co-Presidents: Siena Wotherspoon and Nathan Zou

Secretary: Monika Zoń

Treasurer: Matthew McClure

Department Liaison: Jose Neira

Discussion Group Organisers: Niki Cleland-Hura and Nea Ivanova

Equity and Diversity Officer: Deniz Yalçın

Journal Editors: Will Penkethmann-Carr and Lara Slyce

Lecture Organisers: Joe Rosie and Nathan Zou

Librarian: Kelsey Wengert

Marketing Officer: Monika Zoń

PhilPals Coordinators: Max Ekstrand and Claes Sørensen

Proceedings Organiser: Matthew McClure

Reading Group Organisers: Arian Eshtehardian and Elina Turner

Social Secretary: Henrik Stavdal and Sophie Williams

First Year Representative: Frej Åkerström

Postgraduate Representative: Andrew Zelny

Ordinary Members: Amy Alexander, Sam Enright, Angus Forbes-Cable, Andrej Gregus, Lorna Modeen

Past Committees