Meet the Team

Co-Presidents: Maja Longfors and Gunnar Enlow

Secretary: Evie Gazet

Treasurer: Yuyi He

Department Liaison: Margo Li

Discussion Group Organisers: Richard Fan and Elle Robertson*

Journal Editor(s)-in-Chief: Amy Life and Emma Cohen Edmonds

Lecture Organisers: Leo Ding and Lydia McMillan*, and Andrew Georgiou-Macko

Librarian: Isabelle Woodcock

Historian: James Ternent* and Rory Smith

Marketing Officer: Chloe Perry

Webmaster: Caitlin Daly

Proceedings Organiser: Sophia McArdle

Social Secretary: Caitlin Barnard*, Eirlys Hunter, and Dean Moore

Welfare Officer: Aria Lindfield

First Year Representative: Miriam Lester

Postgraduate Representative: Elizabeth Lambley

Ordinary Members: Rasmus Løvschal, Rory Smith*, Henry Mobius, Niki Jordan


Past Committees