Women in Parenthesis

New 2022 Philosophy Reading Group: Women in parenthesis

This group will meet every Wednesday from 18.00 to 19.00GMT. Everyone is welcome (including non-philosophy students) no background knowledge required. During this hour, Ruby and Harriet will host a discussion on each week’s paper. A list of prompt questions will be emailed out prior to the meeting.

This reading group is based on the Women In Parenthesis project, which is bringing to light the philosophy done by women in the 20th century that has been left out or neglected.

This is going to be an informal reading group, where we explore a paper written by one of the four members of the wartime quartet – Philipa Foot, Elizabeth Anscombe, Iris Murdoch and Mary Midgley. We will be tackling these papers together and applying the problems and questions raised to our own lives. We are also going to focus on the experience of women in philosophy, and thinking about the work done by women about women.

This is a link to the women in parenthesis project: https://www.womeninparenthesis.co.uk/

Example of topics we will discuss:

  • Mary Midgley: The concept of beastliness
  • Iris Murdoch: The darkness of practical reason Ruby and Harriet