Proceedings of the Philosophy Society is PhilSoc’s student research seminar. It provides a space for society members and others to present their own research to a friendly audience. The seminar is inspired by and loosely modelled on the Aristotelian Society’s Proceedings talk series, but the feel is often more of a very informal work-in-progress seminar.

The traditional format for a Proceedings seminar is two talks of about thirty minutes, each followed by a discussion period of about twenty minutes (so a little under two hours total). Other formats, such as a one-talk seminar, are very welcome too; naturally, which format works best depends on the talk. A format with which we hope to experiment is μProceedings (microProceedings), a symposium format consisting of a panel of short talks (≤ 10 minutes) on a particular theme.

We are always happy to receive expressions of interest from society members, others at Edinburgh, and those of other SNEEPA soceities. If you might be interested in presenting, or have a proposal for a μProceedings symposium, please get in touch with our Proceedings Organiser (Niki) at

Here are some past Proceedings talks:

  • Jack Roberts: Questioning the Safety of Anti-luck Epistemology
  • Tom Burdge (St. Andrews): Meaning in Gibberish: In Defence of Deep Bullshit (Paper)
  • Kenneth Novis: Materialism in Metaphilosophy
  • Lochlann Atack: A Radical Externalist, a Polyphonic Contextualist, and Simone Weil Walk into a Bar (in Rural Wisconsin)…
  • Viki Matejova: Inclusivity, Normativity, and Gender Terms
  • Kenneth Novis: Conceptual Issues in the Phenomenology of Love (slides)
  • Toby Peterken: Understanding Spacetime Before Einstein (Collab with PhysSoc)
  • James Ternent: Any Colour You Like: Understanding Fichte’s Anstoß (Paper)
  • Joe Carstairs: Pritchensteinian Fideism
  • Will Penkethman-Carr: Sartre and the Look of Literature
  • Oushinar Nath: Wisdom and KK Failure