Lecture Series

Lectures take place every Thursday at 6:30 pm. Our lectures are free for members. For non-members, entry to lectures costs £2.50.

There is an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the lecture and we expect the event to run until 8pm after which we will go to the pub.

Lecture Series 2023/24



A full list of lecture series events will be posted before the semester begins 🙂

DateTimeLocationLecturer (Affiliation)InterestsTitle
21st Sep18.3040GS_LG.06Filipa Melo Lopez (Edinburgh)Feminist Philosophy, Social Theory, Sexual EthicsHow to dress like a feminist
28th Sep18.30Waverley BarDavid James (Warwick)German Idealism, Political Philosophy, Practical NecessityKant on the Moral Value of Compassion
05th Oct18.30Waverley BarPeter Milne (Stirling)Philosophy of Language, Logic, Philosophy of ProbabilityConfirmation and Diagnostic Value
12th Oct18.30Waverley BarNicolas Cote (Glasgow)Moral Philosophy, Political PhilosophyTBA.
26th Oct18.3040GS_LG.06Jen Marusic (Edinburgh)Early Modern Philosophy, Epistemology, John LockeTBA.
2nd Nov18.30Waverley BarStephan Leuenberger (Glasgow)Metaphysics, Modality, Totality, ContingencyTBA.
9th Nov19:00Waverley BarEilidh Beaton (Aberdeen)Philosophy of Migration, Global JusticeTBA.
16th Nov18.3040GS_LG.06Lilith Newton (Glasgow)Epistemology, Social EpistemologyTBA.
23rd Nov18.3040GS_LG.06Tina Röck (Dundee)Aristotle, Phenomenology, Process OntologyTBA.