Pense (from Scots, meaning ‘thought’ or ‘mind’) is the Philosophy Society’s journal. Founded in 2011, it was intermittently published as the University of Edinburgh Philosophy Society Journal up to 2018/19. From 2019/20, it has been published as Pense and numbered as a new series.

It is a place for student discussion and debate in written form, and for careful thought about issues that demand it from us. As the editor of the 2021/22 issue, Martha Gibbon, puts it “the need for philosophical thought seldom seems quite so urgent. [In] a period of ever tumultuous politics and global affairs, the line between legality and morality wilfully obscured — reflection upon […] philosophy is paramount.” In this spirit, Pense welcomes work on a wide range of philosophical topics and provides a platform for interested students to engage in philosophy through both original articles and discussion pieces.

Submissions are normally open from September to February, with the journal considering papers on any philosophical topic not exceeding 3000 words in length. General queries can be sent to

Pense 3 (2021/22) is now available! Pense 3 (2021/22)

Past Issues:

Pense 2 (2020/21)

Pense 1 (2019/20)

PhilSoc Journal 2018/19

PhilSoc Journal 2017/18

PhilSoc Journal 2012