Week 9 Events

Reading and Film Group
Monday, 14th November; 7 pmThe New Amphion, Teviot Row House (Map) [NOTE: not in Usher’s!] 
Reading: Understanding Patriarchy, B. Hooks.

Discussion Group
Tuesday, 15th November
; 7 pm, The New Amphion, Teviot Row House (Map)   [NOTE: not in Usher’s!]

Topic: Can we learn from History?

Academic Support Office Hours – General
Thursday, 17th November; 2 pm until 4 pm, Dugald Stewart Building (DSB), Room 5.01.
Guest Lecture
Thursday, 17th November, 6.15 pm, David Hume Tower, Lecture Theatre B.

Speaker: Prof. Sarah Hutton, University of York
Title: ‘Some Reflections on the Fortunes of Women Philosophers’

It is only relatively recently that historians of philosophy (and indeed philosophers themselves) have woken up to the fact that there were women who philosophised in the past, and that they deserved attention as philosophers. Since very little was known about them, much of the work on women philosophers in the last 25 years has been work of recovery. In my paper I shall consider how female philosophers have fared in the history of philosophy, and how the different approaches to the history of philosophy have contributed to this process of recovery. I shall argue that it is contextual approaches which have been most productive in putting women philosophers back into the frame. I shall then highlight some of the issues to be faced when trying to integrate women philosophers into our conception of philosophy as a discipline. Most of my examples will be early modern, but I shall make some reference to more recent women philosophers.