Week 3 Events

Please note: Due to noise concerns, we will be hosting our Discussion Group in The New Amphion, Teviot this week. Additionally, our Academic Support session will be held on the 4th floor this week, rather than the 5th.

Reading and Film Group
Monday, 3rd October; 7 pm, Usher’s, West Nicolson St. (Map)
Reading: Necropolitics, A. Mbembe. [You can click on the paper’s title to open it.]

Discussion Group
Tuesday, 4th October; 7 pm, The New Amphion, Teviot (Map)   [Not Usher’s]
Topic: Philosophy of Time

Note: due to high noise levels in Usher’s, this week the Discussion Group has been moved to Teviot. We welcome your feedback as to whether the change of location has been helpful, so that we might settle for either in the weeks to come. However, please note that the Reading Group is still in Usher’s!

Academic Support Office Hours
Thursday, 6th October; 2 pm until 4 pm, Dugald Stewart Building (DSB), Room 4.01. [NOTE: this week alone, the Academic Support Office Hours are NOT going to be held in DSB 5.01, but one floor below, in 4.01.]

Guest Lecture
Thursday, 6th October, 6.15 pm, David Hume Tower, Lecture Theatre B. 
Speaker: Dr Kieran Oberman, University of Edinburgh

Title:  “Against Separate but Equal: Why Equality of Opportunity Requires Open Borders

Abstract: ‘This article argues that the principle of equality of opportunity requires free movement across international borders. There are two steps to the argument. First, the principle of equality of opportunity applies at the global level. It is not realised simply when citizens enjoy equality of opportunity with one another; foreigners must enjoy equality of opportunity with citizens. Second, global equality of opportunity, properly understood, requires that people can access the same opportunities and not simply equivalent opportunities. One cannot have full equality of opportunity in a world in which citizens and foreigners are deemed “separate but equal“.’