Week 1 Events

(Please note that our usual Thursday Lecture will be held on FRIDAY this week)

Reading and Film Group
Monday, 19th September, 7 pm, room LG.06 in David Hume Tower (DHT).
Film: I <3 Huckabees (2004) Dir. David O. Russel 
(Next week’s reading: Animal Liberation, a Triangular Affair, J. B. Callecott).

Discussion Group
Tuesday, 20th September
; 7 pm, Usher’s, West Nicolson St.

Topic: Altruism

Academic Support Office Hours
Thursday, 22nd September; 2 pm until 4 pm, Dugald Stewart Building (DSB), Room 5.01.

Guest Lecture
Friday, 23rd September, 6.15 pm, Lecture Theatre 2, Appleton Tower.
Speaker: Professor John Greco, Saint Louis University
Interests: Virtue Epistemology
Title: ”The Transmission of Knowledge (and Garbage)”
Abstract: In this talk I identify a new problem for the epistemology of testimony and epistemology more generally: We think that testimony manages to transmit knowledge from speaker to hearer, but how can this be if, as is often the case, genuine knowledge is often transmitted along side garbage? That is, besides transmitting genuine knowledge, we manage to transmit lots of beliefs that are irrational, superstitious, self-deceiving, and flat out false, and often in cases where neither the hearer nor the speaker can tell the difference. So how is that possible? I argue that extant theories of knowledge transmission don’t have a good answer. In the last part of the paper I explore a solution.