Week 6 with PhilSoc

Discussion Group

  • Monday 26th October, 7pm,¬†Usher’s
    Topic: Wittgenstein
    We’re normally at the back table. Grab a coffee/pint and join us for some philosophical discussion. No assumed knowledge and all are welcome! You can also follow the discussion on twitter.

Reading and Film Group

  • Tuesday 27th October, 7pm,¬†Usher’s
    This week’s reading: Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil – 62, 187, 202, 225, 228, 270, 287.
    Our Reading and Film Groups begin with a film every three weeks, followed by two weeks of readings on a related topic. No assumed knowledge.

Academic Support Office Hours

  • Thursday 29th October, 2pm until 4pm, Room 6.01, Dugald Stewart Building
    Our academic support officer will be holding Open Access office hours. Open to all undergraduate philosophy students with focus on pre-honours. Come along at any time with queries such as class content (including logic), tutorial readings, class essays and exams, and general peer support.

Guest Lecture

  • Thursday 29th October, 6:15pm, Lecture Theatre 4, Appleton Tower
    Speaker: Dr. Ben Colburn, University of Glasgow
    Title: “Authenticity and Well-being”
    Lecture Handout